Saturday 8th March 2008

I want to move back to Belgium. I’m fed up of all the wind and stormy weather here, I’m sure it was never this bad in Belgium. I remember when I was a puppy the winters were proper winters, the spring was a quiet mix of sunshine and showers and the sun shone in the summer. Ok, I’m only 2 and I might have made all of that up, because for the most part I only remember the weather doing the opposite of what my mistress was expecting most of the time.

I’m the only one up so far today. My mistress has insisted that she has a lie in and no one seems to want to disagree with the idea. Sadly, I can’t go outside to play without supervision, at least not until my tunnelling expedition has been addressed. I’ve managed to dig a nice Alfie shaped hole through to visit Hector and Hugo. It’s roughly a Hector or Hugo shaped hole too, but I don’t think I can get away with saying they dug it as the digging is almost entirely on my side of the fence. My mistress pointed out that when Sooty arrives I’m supposed to be being a good influence and in her experience a bearded collie doesn’t need an encouragement to dig a hole. That’s me told off and worse still she is trying to find something more substantial that brick and a wire to fill in the gap. I might need to buy some wire cutters and a saw when I go out next, it’s either that or work out how the catch on the toolbox works. I don’t suppose they would be daft enough to leave me with ready access to their tools, who knows what havoc I might wreak given the opportunity.