Friday 22nd Feb 2008

Best paw forward

If the fog and the frost wasn’t enough, we now have wind. Lot’s of it. James hoped for lots of rain so that the route to school would flood, but I don’t think he is in luck. I’m glad it’s him and not me trying to play football in this weather!

We are reasonably optimistic that my mistress will get her car back next week. The parts should be in today. It’s already been 2 ½ weeks since the garage took it away, what’s another few days between friends? My mistress has at last sorted all the paperwork to make it English as well. It will have a new number when it comes home. It’s rather sad really, little by little all traces of having lived in Belgium are being erased. It’s almost as though it was all part of my imagination. Except I know my mum is still there and some of my brothers and sisters. I wonder how long it will be before I can go and visit them. I’m thinking of hiding my Belgian passport so that my mistress can’t trade that in too.

I found a nice cosy spot to sit while she is working, by her feet, underneath the desk. It’s all right until she stretches her legs out and I’m in the way. No one shouts at me here though. I find it hard to know what’s expected of me some of the time now. One minute James will want to play and I get all excited. Then the next minute I run up with my big red bone and instead of playing he shouts at me to go away. It’s safer under the desk. I don’t get to play with my big red bone but I don’t get shouted at either. The other two children will arrive tonight, so there will be more people to tell me to go away; three if you include James’s friend.