Thursday 21st February 2008

Alfie being determined

I’m ‘home alone’ dog. I’m sitting here twiddling my paws wondering whether to have nap on the sofa or on the bed. My mistress has promised not to be out for too long but she has gone to get some stuff from the other house that we will need for the children being here this weekend. I said I was here already so what else could they possibly need? It transpired that Andy will have a tantrum if he is deprived of the Playstation for the whole weekend. Apparently I need some of my bag of dog food too, so perhaps I shouldn’t moan too much. I did offer to go with her, but unfortunately as her car is still at the garage for repair, she is still in the loan car from the garage. Dogs are not allowed in the loan car. I said I could put some trousers and a sweatshirt on, but she didn’t think I would get away with it. I do quite fancy trying the trousers and sweatshirt all the same!

It sounds as though we may have a bit of a house full for the weekend. James’s friend is coming to stay too. She is quite nice to me, so I’m not unhappy about it. I hope it doesn’t mean they all go out and do things without their faithful pet dog. I wonder if I could persuade my mistress to stay here with me if they do.

If all goes according to plan, it is now less than a week until Sooty is born. I wonder whether Sooty is going to like me or whether he will growl at me too. My mistress says she has never heard a bearded collie growl, but I suspect there could always be a first time. I do seem to be having that effect on dogs at the moment. Perhaps I need to change my deodorant.