Wednesday 20th February 2008

Taking things in my stride

Once again I can receive emails, except no one sends me any. I can call my friends on skype but they haven’t got it. I can surf the internet. Oh life is complete. I do miss my Belgian friends. They didn’t used to growl at me. They wagged their tails when they saw me and came and said hello. I’m not finding England a very welcoming place for a Belgian dog. The move here has confused my mistress. In the supermarket she was surprised to find everyone speaking English and in the Post Office she nearly greeted the man in Flemish before she realised that wasn’t going to work. I really would like to go home now, I’ve had enough of this English adventure. I am not cut out to be a family dog. I keep getting James shouting don’t do that Alfie, stay Alfie, sit Alfie and then trying to tell tales on me and get me into trouble with my mistress. I suppose I’m lucky that my mistress knows me better than that and hardly ever shouts at me.

I could also leave behind the English weather. I know it was much the same back home in Belgium but somehow freezing fog, sub zero temperatures and snow, don’t seem so exciting here. It’s as much as I can do to persuade myself to go outside to pee. Staying in isn’t so much fun either. There’s less house to run round and no window in the office at ‘Alfie height’ for me to watch out of while being near my mistress. No one comes round to see me and I don’t go to see anyone else. I’m keeping up tail wagging for appearances sake but it is not easy when there is so little to wag my tail at. I do like the postman, in fact I like both the postmen, although the second one didn’t give me a biscuit.