Tuesday 12th February 2008

Nurse Wilma

It’s funny now that a trip to my grandparents doesn’t involve international travel. There almost seems to be something wrong with being able to just drive down the motorway, it’s almost too easy. Not that easy of course as my mistress’s car is still being repaired, so we’ve had to come in mine. It’s all very well but the seat and I are not the same size. One of us has extra bits to spare and it’s not the seat! I don’t think it is because I need to diet, I tried that but it was no fun. I must just say that dieting was not as bad as the eye drops for conjunctivitis. I have concluded that I don’t like eye drops. I don’t even like them a little bit. I was a bit naughty really, whilst I know they were supposed to do me good, it still took my master and mistress to catch me, hold me and apply the eye drops. They have several injuries to show for it too. My mistress really does bruise easily.

My mistress is finding trying to register her car as English is not as easy as one would hope. The office that she went to last week and refused to move until somebody helped her, has sent all the paperwork back saying that there is something wrong with one of the official documents. What they don’t say is what exactly is supposed to be wrong with it. It is a document that is provided by the manufacturer, which at least means it isn’t something that my mistress has done wrong.  My mistress is starting to think that she understood how life worked in Belgium rather more than she does here. At least there if all else failed you could simply show the first document that came to hand and everyone was happy. More to the point the people were always friendly and helpful. I’m starting to be rather proud of being Belgian.