Thursday 7th February 2008

I can see a theme developing here. James is taken to buy his new school uniform, I get to sit in the car to wait for them. The removals men deliver all our furniture, I get to sit in the car and watch from outside. Why can’t I help? I could carry the clothes through for James to try on. I could help to reassemble the flat pack furniture. To be fair I am not so good with a screwdriver but I could have directed operations. “I’d like that blanket on the chair by the fire. I’d like my bed in this corner. My food bag can go in this cupboard.” At least then I would get over the current problem of not yet recognising the right cupboard to sit outside for the marzipan. It is going to take a while to know intimately the right cupboard door squeak so that I can rush from whatever part of the house I may be in when it is opened. At the moment I have to wait for the rustle of the wrapper and by that time my mistress can have eaten half the bar without me.

Back on the subject of the school uniform, does one boy really need all those new clothes at once? I don’t think my mistress has ever bought so many clothes in one go and not one of them is for her. If only she had got time to go to buy herself the new pair of jeans she needs. Now she has the pleasure of having to attach name tags to them all. What’s the betting something still gets lost? I suggested we should open a book on what James loses first, but my mistress didn’t seem keen on the plan.

Today should be a bit more fun as I think my master has taken a day off to help build some more of the furniture and do some unpacking. If I play my cards right that should mean there is someone ready to play with me at a moments notice.