Tuesday 5th February 2008

Well it’s all happening. No sooner had I got my paws under the table at out old house in Middlesbrough than we collected the keys for the place we are going to be living in North Yorkshire. My mistress took me with her and when we went inside she asked me what I thought. “It’s empty” was all I could think to say. “Where’s our furniture?” Oh what glad tidings, it seems the furniture is arriving on Wednesday and if I’m really good I can help with the unloading and rebuilding. Alternatively I could be bad and get to curl up in my basket whilst someone else does all the hard work!

I have had enough of not knowing where I am from one day to the next. My mistress has promised that I can stay here for a while, although there will be odd trips down to my grandparents.

In another surreal family life experience, I found a six year old advising my master on mortgages. Having watched the adverts he was able to reliable advise my master on which internet site he should be looking at to determine whether he could shrink his mortgage. More worrying was the fact that he even knew how the site worked. Reassuringly he was aware that a six year old couldn’t have a mortgage of his own and shouldn’t be ringing the call centre. When a conversation from a child to an adult begins with, “Have you got a mortgage? I can help you reduce it,” you do start to wonder if there are such things as parallel universes.

Well I have conjunctivitis. I had to have dye dropped in both my eyes to make sure they were ok. Now I have to have eye drops three times a day. I am not a happy dog.