Tuesday 8th January 2008

If things have gone according to plan, my little car should now have an English number plate. I did ask my mistress if she would buy me ALF 1 E for Christmas but sadly, she said it would be too expensive. It seems she already has a number plate to put on it with her own name on, which to be honest does not seem fair at all. I could change my name to something similar to hers but that seems like an awful lot of trouble.

I wouldn’t swap with her this afternoon. She is off to the dentist again. She says it will be a relief to get it sorted after several weeks of intermittent toothache. I told her she should chew on more bones and that I would share my hide chew with her, but she didn’t seem to think that was the solution. I think she’s kidding herself. My teeth are just fine and how many times has she had to go to the dentist recently?

My mistress realised that the reason she had slept though her alarm clock a couple of times recently was that it wasn’t actually making a noise when it went off. There was a little light flashing but she isn’t generally woken by silent alarms. She hit on the great idea of recording her own wake up call. If you want my opinion I preferred the silence. Being woken by my mistress’s voice saying “Wakey wakey, time to get up. Up you get the pair of you.” is distressing by anybodies standards. It makes me glad that I’m not with her for a few days. Maybe by the time she comes back it will have annoyed her so much that we could have something normal, or alternatively me barking.