Monday 7th January 2008

It’s difficult to keep track of my owners at the moment. I’m thinking of having them fitted with tags. My master rang me to say he is in Switzerland, which made me wonder why he hasn’t taken me with him. My mistress has gone to London to have the car changed over to be ok in England. It’s all to do with driving on the other side of the road and the lights being wrong. It doesn’t help that one uses kilometres and one uses miles. I am starting to think it is just a ploy by the car manufacturers to make you buy another one. I’m just glad my little old car isn’t being abandoned in the process. It is quite old and it isn’t worth very much. Come to that it has already been rebuilt twice.

I do regard that one as being my car. Do you think that now I am getting towards being seventeen, in dog years anyway, my mistress will let me start to learn to drive in it? Can you imagine how cool that would be? I could be the first dog with a driving licence. As things stand there are one or two problems that I would need to overcome. Firstly, I can’t reach the pedals. Secondly, I can’t grip the steering wheel and thirdly, my peripheral vision is better than my forward vision! Other than that I think I would be just fine. Oh I’d forgotten the gears. I’m not sure I could coordinate pushing my left back paw down and using my right front paw to change gear. It’s a bit like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. On the other paw, if my master can get the hang of it then I suppose in time I could do too.