Saturday 22nd December 2007

I forgive next door for the wonderful smell of their log fire yesterday. As it turned out, their central heating had broken down. The plumber came here by mistake as it is usually ours that’s broken, but we were able to say “Not this time, ours is working.” Which all in all made a pleasant change, although it was not much fun for Matilda the cat.

Why am I not being given candied peel to eat? My mistress says it wouldn’t be good for me, which is a fair point but on the same basis me eating it would be good for her, she would eat less. For some reason she is not convinced by my argument. I’m planning to take part in the annual game of ‘wrap the present’ later. It works something like this. My mistress gets out a number of boxes, some wrapping paper and sticky tape. She carefully cuts pieces of paper and sticky tape the right size for the parcel. My role in the game is to see if I can jump on the paper before it either rolls itself back up, or my mistress successfully wraps a present, whichever is sooner. I also have to see how many different bits of my body I can get the lengths of sticky tape stuck too. This second part is harder because if I pick the wrong bits of my body, it hurts when my mistress pulls them off again and that doesn’t feel much like winning!

My mistress has incurred an injury caused by a bottle of moisturiser. Did she perhaps drop it on her foot? Did she come out in yet another allergic reaction? Did she accidentally swallow its contents? No, none of the obvious things. She trapped her finger in the lid! Fortunately nothing as bad as the year she gave herself concussion whilst Christmas shopping but it’s always good to remind her of that one at this time of year.