Wednesday 12th December 2007

I had to laugh. There was my mistress listening to a bit from the radio by a lovely old lady who has won the Nobel prize for Literature and the lady was saying that ‘most writers are used to sitting at home in their dressing gowns, nursing a cup of coffee.’ Well it made me laugh, because that is exactly the state you can find my mistress in most days. She’s like that now. All I can say is it is a good job we don’t have a webcam this end, she’s not at her best before the third cup of coffee has really kicked in. My mistress got her own back when the lady described ‘blogs’ as ‘imbecilic’. I don’t know which she found more amusing, me having to look up the word ‘imbecilic’ in the dictionary or my reaction when I found it. Do you think Samuel Pepys would have kept his diary on paper if he could have written it on the internet? Can’t you imagine that Shakespeare would have had a blog site if he’s had the opportunity, ‘The Bard Blog’ or some such title. What about Dickens? How better to comment on the reality of the time you live in, than to use a medium of that time to reach people.

My social comment of today is about how dreadful Christmas shopping is. Where do all those people come from? Where are they normally? What places are now wonderfully quiet and empty because hoards of people have descended on every shopping centre know to man? (Or should that be woman?) I for one, would rather be in the places they have left empty! Judging by the mood my mistress comes home in when she tries to go to the shops, I’m guessing that would be her choice as well.