Tuesday 11th December 2007

My mistress has lost the plot. She was only dancing on her own round the lounge. Dancing might be a minor exaggeration as to say she has two left feet would be an understatement, to say she has two rather large left feet would be a more accurate assessment of the situation. What is a dog to do in that situation? You might think that the best thing is to curl up in your basket and put your paws over your eyes, but I get see an opportunity to take part in the spectacle and with my master away, never let it said that I renege on my responsibilities. If my mistress needs a dancing partner, then as long as she doesn’t stand on my paws, I am prepared to volunteer. So I ran and got my ball and went and joined her. It was rather fun, chaotically running through her legs and then round in circles. I’m not sure we are ever likely to win ‘Come Dancing’ but we had a great time.

I’m actually feeling very virtuous this morning. A chocolate bell fell off the Christmas tree and was just sitting on the floor begging me to eat it, but I said “No chocolate bell, I’m on a diet, you can’t tempt me that easily.” I did have to get my mistress to move it fairly urgently as I don’t think I would have held out for very long. To be honest if it weren’t for the fact that it is so fiddly trying to get silver paper off with my paws, I don’t suppose I would have managed to hold out at all. I would eat it with the silver paper but the taste really isn’t good and you find bits of the foil between your teeth for days.