Wednesday 21st November 2007

It really wasn’t playing fair. My mistress changed the sheets on her bed, something to do with mud and dog hair! When she had finished she closed the door. She actually closed the door, so that I couldn’t get on the bed. What is a poor dog to do? I like sleeping on the bed, it is the most comfortable place to sleep. I snuggle into the duvet, right up against the pillows and I’m happy for hours. I kept walking around and then going back to the bedroom door to see if it was open, but to no avail. I then had a brief pause to think about my options. There was of course the settee downstairs but that is not as cosy. There were my own beds, but where’s the fun in that? Then I thought why not try a different bed? I went round the house until I found an open door and there it was, Andy’s bed, all ready for me to snuggle up in. The plan worked until my mistress found me and evicted me from my new home. I even went up to the top floor to see if I could get into the bedrooms there, but it was a bit dark and lonely so I came back down and had to make do with one of my own beds. I kept walking round to annoy my mistress in the hope she would cave in, but she just got cross so I settled down in the end.

I’m off to see my mum and sister this afternoon. I can’t wait. There is so much to tell them, particularly with moving to England. I wonder if they will be impressed that I am going to live abroad, although I won’t be the first of my siblings to do that, so it may not be that impressive.