Thursday 22nd November 2007

My sister is scary. You may think the same about your sister but I’m sure mine is scarier. There is only one of my sisters that scares me and that is the one that lives with my mum. She had a bit of a go at me yesterday and I accidentally ran into some barbed wire. Now you can call me a wimp if you like but I asked my mistress if I could go back onto my lead and stay close by her and my master for safety. It is much easier to be brave when you are hiding behind someone. I did whimper a bit about the barbed wire but to be honest it only grazed the skin. It got me lots of attention though, which was the important thing. It was good to have my master around in the evening as it meant we sat before a roaring log fire. It probably wasn’t a very environmentally friendly thing to do, particularly seeing as it wasn’t very cold but it certainly made my environment feel very friendly. Despite my scary sister I did have a lovely time and my mistress has promised that she will bring me back to visit when we move to England. I’d rather  like to see my other sisters and my brother too.

The moles have nearly advanced as far as the house. I don’t know what it is going to take to stop them but we really ought to do something. They have totally given up on any pretence of being nocturnal and holes are appearing before our eyes. There are so many holes that I am seriously worrying about whether they are using adequate support beams for the tunnels between them. I would hate to find someone went into our garden and simply disappeared underground.