Tuesday 20th November 2007

There is was gone, the heating that is. It went off again then it was on, then it was off. Now we are going to have a new boiler, which is good news, except we won’t have any boiler for a couple of days. The good news is that I will be required to offer warmth and comfort on a full time basis for a couple of days. That bit will not be a hardship.

The moles appear to have sent for reinforcements. There are now new mole hills outside the back gate as well and I don’t think it can be them moving out as there are lots of new holes in the garden as well. We also seem to have some pheasants moving in, probably because it is less likely that they will be shot in the confines of our garden, at least I hope that is the case. I wouldn’t want to have to go to do my business wearing a flack jacket and tin hat. I think it might put me off rather.

It was such a hectic weekend playing with other dogs that I am quite glad of a couple of quiet days. I even managed to convince my mistress that I had run round so much that I was in very good shape for her it feed scraps to. She gave in very easily, anything for a quiet life. She has asked if I could do something about the drooling though, she finds it very off-putting to have to clean up after me. She has banned me from sleeping on the bed because she has changed the sheets and thinks for some odd reason that she prefers them without mud on. Humans really are very funny creatures. I would have thought given the current heating situation she would have viewed the mud and dog hair as providers of added warmth.