Monday 5th November 2007

Well after Saturday’s rather strenuous uphill walk in which I was asked to pull on my lead on the way up, a very odd experience for a dog normally told not to pull, yesterday involved a trip to the beach. There was no pulling involved in yesterday’s walk, no authorised pulling anyway. The only thing I don’t like about going to the beach is the wet bit that borders it. I can live without getting my paws wet. The problem comes if the sand is too fine and your paws sink into it as they run, you can find that your paws come across the water a bit before the rest of you knew it was there.

My mistress seems to have got back into all the family tree business. She is emailing people that she has worked out at something like her seventh cousins. To be honest she lost me when she got past explaining great-aunt. It all gets very confusing, at least she hasn’t found any ‘inbreeding’ in her tree, unlike mine, but we don’t talk about that. I suppose for all the lack of varied breeding, at least I have never had seven members of one part of my family die of Typhoid in the same year. Admittedly that year was over 140years ago, but who’s counting?

Disturbingly after two days of lie ins my master had to set off at some unearthly time this morning. He has been a bit busy at work with a small crisis to do with fire somewhere. I was only half listening when he told me all about it, I tried not to look bored but it wasn’t a dog kind of thing. I just know he comes home and cuddles me and then he goes again, but he’ll be back. He misses me too much not to come home as soon as he can.