Sunday 4th November 2007

If it weren’t for all the ‘bangs’ yesterday would have been an almost perfect day. For those of you not in England, the ‘bangs’ were fireworks ‘celebrating’ a terrorist from the 1600’s. Only England could by hypocritical enough to celebrate someone who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Anyway, I don’t really like fireworks. They come out of nowhere and make big noises, not that different from small children really.

The best bit of the day was staying in bed until lunchtime. Oh the decadence. This is my kind of life. Why does my mistress never stay in bed all morning on normal days? The walk was pretty good too. It was out in the countryside trying to work out where we can live but they seem to be looking at my type of places so I can’t complain too much. What I can complain about is carrots. I never want to see another carrot again for as long as, well probably until I am next really hungry between meals. They are not a patch on crisps and biscuits. You find your humans eating something exciting and rush up and ask so nicely “Please can I have a bite?” and what do you get? A carrot! What is the world coming to? I do now understand why my mistress, who can’t eat things with dairy products in, turns her nose up when someone gives her a bowl of fruit as a substitute pudding. It just isn’t the same. There is everyone else eating something smothered in chocolate or treacle and there she is with a bowl of fruit. Five portions or not, let’s face it, fruit and veg are not fun. Chocolate fudge cake is fun, biscuits are fun, crisps and Frosties are fun – fruit and veg are not! Maybe the only exception is Granny’s stewed apple.