Wednesday 31st October 2007

I’m ready for any children that come trick or treating. I was there last year to scare them back but this time I am doing it with a mission. My mistress has bought some sweets to give out and I want them. I’ve been thinking if I wait until the point she is handing them over and then come out and scare them, they might drop them as they run away and I will get them. I know from when we play with my toys that I am faster than my mistress when it comes to grabbing things; I think she may have been brought up to be too polite.

I think my mistress has finally gone too far with the decorating. She has taken it upon herself to pain the front door. That in itself was not a problem but I was a bit fed up to find that as a result of it being left open to dry I was shut in a room where I couldn’t do any harm. Me, do harm! I think she must be thinking of another dog. Under normal circumstances, I would have been confined to the kitchen but my mistress said she didn’t have time to go round and put locks on every cupboard. I promised to be good but somehow she didn’t believe me, maybe I shouldn’t have winked at the end of saying it.

I don’t like these dark nights. I would like to advocate that putting clocks back is optional and only those households that want light mornings should do it. Those of us who like to stay in bed in the morning and be around later, should have the option of not changing the clocks back in the winter. I wonder how many people would be with me on this one.