Saturday 6th October 2007

Well here I am at home again. What’s even better is that I have both of my humans back a well. My mistress picked me up as soon as she got back from the train yesterday and no sooner had we got home than my master turned up as well. This is how life is supposed to be, in my own home with both my owners to make a fuss of me. On the downside I had better get used to sleeping in my own bed again as for some reason my master objects when I take his side and as my mistress almost always goes to bed first, she is guaranteed a place.

I have put a bit in for going for a long walk, as long as it isn’t raining. My mistress said they have some jobs to do, so there may have to be a little bit of negotiation. My master says he wants to read a book and watch the rugby so there might be quite a lot of negotiation. I’ve been checking out my master’s plan and that seems to involve a roaring log fire, a sofa and some Twiglets so I am tending to side with him at the moment. If it is anything like normal I suppose my mistress will insist that we both help with some of the chores, which is a bit mean.

Autumn really is a funny time of year. The weather is either nice and the world is a great place to be, with leaves to kick and all the beautiful colours or the weather is bad and it seems worse than any other time of year, because it is so miserable. I definitely like the sunshine best, but then I don’t seem to be alone in that one.