Saturday 15th September 2007

Well here I am again, back in Middlesbrough and disturbing the local dogs. The good news is I have been told if we are all good, well more to the point if I am good and the others aren’t, we can all go for a walk up in the Yorkshire Moors. For me this is cause for much excitement, for the others of course it is seen as a punishment, except of course my mistress and master who think it is a great idea. To be fair Andy is keen too. That will be four votes in favour, which gives a maximum of two against, so I think that will be carried then! In the meantime I did suggest to my mistress that she might like to finish the decorating she started in about March. I suppose she hasn’t been here much of the time since then to do it, but I don’t think that is a very good excuse to leave a room half decorated. On that basis when, if ever, is she going to get round to doing any of the rest of the house? She says, although I am not sure whether to believe her, that we may come over for a few extra days in October and November to get some of it done. As long as I am included, I am not too bothered either way. Barking at dogs in Middlesbrough is much the same as barking at dogs in Antwerp, although admittedly in Antwerp they don’t understand because of the language barrier and in Middlesbrough it is more the accent they don’t understand. I would offer to help with the decorating but I do so hate ending up with a multicoloured coat. It is a very nice aubergine colour, but I just don’t think that goes with my existing tri-colour combination. Mud, on the other hand, blends in nicely.