Friday 14th September 2007

My travels continue once again and we are off to Middlesbrough this morning. ‘Never stay in one place long enough to get caught’, that’s my motto! My mistress has a slight variation of that which is ‘never stay anywhere long enough for them to find out what you’re really like’, but I guess it amounts to much the same thing. My mistress is planning a stop on route so I had a quick look at the map and said I wouldn’t mind going to the Peak District or the Yorkshire Moors. She rather spoilt it when she said it was more likely to be the car park of a motorway service station as she has to make a work telephone call. I was disappointed to say the least but said “I suppose it will only be for five minutes then.” Sadly it seems I was delusional, it is likely to be an hour. Now I don’t know about you but there are many places I find more interesting to spend an hour of my short life than in a motorway service station car park. I think she might have finally lost the plot. I have asked if I promise to put the headphones on and stay quiet, whether I can watch a dvd in the back of the car. Although she said it might be possible, she drew the line when I asked for ‘101 Dalmatians’, mainly because she knows there is no way I will stay quiet. I am likely to jump up every so often and say “Look at that one.” “That one’s cute.” “Can I have a puppy?” You know how it goes with us kids when we get excited. She has said I can quietly read a book instead but I think on balance I will go with the nap idea.