Tuesday 28th August 2007

Well we are back to normal, our sort of normal anyway. It is hard to think of life as normal where it is permanently lived between more than one country and where the number in the household varies from one and a dog to five and a dog at regular intervals. Today we are two and a dog but we will be down to one again on Thursday. Tomorrow is my mistress’s birthday and I am delighted to say that she has not opted to go out for a meal without me in the evening. This is partly because when you have loads of food allergies, going out for a meal doesn’t tend to be as much fun but it is mainly because she wanted to do something that included her faithful hound. If all goes according to plan, and of course weather permitting we are going for a picnic, just the three of us. I don’t know where we are going but we are taking the great big picnic basket and my mistress has promised to pack some food for me too.

It is going to be quiet without the children around, but I shall see them all again in two weeks time as I am going to England for James’s birthday. That is when I am going on my summer holiday too. I know it is pretty much autumn by then but it would have been too hot for me in the middle of August so I really don’t mind. I am looking forward to staying in hotels and going to the beach in the south of France. My mistress needs to work out which beaches I can go to, but I am sure she will have it all sorted ready. I wonder if Andy would mind if I borrow some of his arm bands and his rubber ring in case I want to try swimming.