Monday 27th August 2007

What were they thinking? Bank Holiday Monday on the roads of England, not the brightest idea my owners have had. It seems that the whole of the motoring public has decided to go out on the roads and all of them seem to want to go to the same places we are going. Why would the entire English nation want to drive to the Channel Tunnel on the same day? So it looks as though we may be spending more time in the car than I had anticipated. It wouldn’t be so bad but with my master and mistress on the journey there is no one to sit in the back and tickle my tummy. I do have some more Camberwick Green characters to share the journey with, but I don’t find them awfully good company. They don’t say much and certainly don’t want to play games. So I am stuck listening to yet another talking book or sport on the radio. The radio is more depressing as it gives out traffic news every so often and to be quite honest I just don’t want to know how bad the jams are. I can’t complain too much as I don’t’ want them to decide to leave me at home next time. It isn’t that I don’t like going to see my doggy friends, I do, I love it, but given the choice I would rather play the role of faithful friend and be by the side of my mistress and master. It also saves on the injuries when they pick me up after being away. I can’t help being pleased to see my mistress, I really didn’t mean to head-butt her and put my tooth through her lip. There was a lot of blood and I was very sorry. You would have thought she would have learnt not to get her head that close after the time I chipped her tooth.