Wednesday 29th August 2007

It would appear that I am qualified for a profession after all. I am a natural psychologist and counsellor. It’s amazing how often, when I find someone who looks a bit down, that after a few minutes of cuddling them and letting them stroke me, they look much better. It would be money for nothing as far as I am concerned, the pleasure is all mine. I did consider doing a song and dance routine to cheer my master and mistress up, but to be quite honest it would have been an awful lot of effort to go to when all I need to do is snuggle up and allow them to pet me. Both of them are finding the house a bit empty at the moment and my mistress seems to be permanently tired, but I do my bit to make it a happier place to be. I suggested to my mistress that as it was her birthday we could have breakfast in bed, but she was less impressed when I said she could get me bacon and eggs and a couple of pancakes to follow. We have been through the suggestion that I should get it before, she knows I would eat her Frosties on route and only bring her an empty bowl. She hasn’t opened her presents yet so I don’t know what we’ve got. I’m presuming she will be sharing them with me.

In a prime example of bad planning, my mistress is actually working today. What happened to my suggestions of either spending the day in bed or going for a nice long walk? I have decided that there is nothing else for it, I am just going to have to spend the day in bed on her behalf. Now where did I put my bed socks?