Monday 30th July 2007

So much for yesterday’s bar b q. It was another case of cook it in the oven and pretend it tastes of charcoal. The only alternative would have been to stand outside under an umbrella to cook it. It was strange but my master didn’t seem to think that was such a good idea.

What I forgot to tell you was that when they all went to Gent on Saturday my master’s car wouldn’t start. It was all a bit of a disaster really. Six people getting in a car that seats seven people is one thing, but six people do not get in a car for five people. All things considered I was glad I wasn’t planning to go with them. My mistress didn’t have a very good day as she couldn’t get anything to eat. There are a number of things she can’t eat, anything dairy being the main things. So she asked for chicken and chips. Easy you would have thought, but they said you could only have it cooked in butter. “Ok steak then.” “No you can only have that cooked in butter.” “Ok so just chips then.” “No you can only have chips if you order it with something.” “Well I just tried to but you couldn’t do it.” So she went hungry. It’s a good job I wasn’t there as I only successfully beg for food from my mistress and if she hadn’t got any food then there wouldn’t have been any for me either. A sad state of affairs for a dog.

Do you think the garden will ever stop being waterlogged this summer? Now I like mud, but I am getting fed up about having to have my paws wiped quite so often. But then my mistress is fed up of all the mud I leave behind me so I guess we are even. My blankets have been through the wash again!