Sunday 29th July 2007

It seems that flies like to breed in oranges. They seem quite partial to the bananas too, but the mushy decomposed orange with odd little squirmy creatures in it was even off putting by my standards. I suppose that is what happens when you leave a piece of fruit to get lonely, it has to take its friends where it can find them. Sadly, the fruit in question has been asked to leave the premises and the flies are being given the choice of staying and being killed or moving out of their own accord. To be quite honest they don’t seem that bright and many are staying in the hope that another piece of neglected fruit will be left for them to breed in. Even my mistress is not that stupid. The only problem is that bananas don’t seem to keep very well in the fridge so they are back on the side. I just hope they get eaten quickly as the cloud of flies that went up when one was picked up the other day was really not conducive to wanting to eat one of the bananas.

The girls go back today. There are some points of having two teenage girls around that my mistress doesn’t cope with very well. She says it is like living in student accommodation. I think she may be referring to the mess and trail of debris they leave all round the house. Of course she may have been referring to the loud music the general noise and the weird clothing that is passed off as fashion. For my part, it has been good to have people that make more noise screaming than I make barking, and make more mess than my muddy footprints; it makes me seem a positive angel.