Thursday 16th July 2007

My what a handsome chap I am

I have just witnessed what happens when you drop spaghetti all over the kitchen floor. It can briefly be summarised as: a lot of swearing from my mistress, little bits of broken spaghetti rolling everywhere making walking lethal probably for the next six weeks, rice for tea!

I am led to believe that it is only a week until the summer onslaught of visitors begins. To begin with I will have to cope with 2 teenage girls for a week, one of whom doesn’t like dogs. What is she doing coming to my house if she doesn’t like me? You needn’t think I am going to make any concessions, there are muddy paw prints for anyone and everyone in this house. Nor will I co-operate with the old ‘shut him in his room’ trick. Oh no, this is my house and if anyone is shut in I think it should be the ones that don’t like me. I’m a pussy cat. Well obviously not literally, that would be too weird. The next to arrive is one of my mistress’s friends and at the same time as the two teenage girls. It’s a good job my master will be here, I don’t fancy being outnumbered by that many women. I think I get a week off before the next lot arrive but then I will have James and Andy to play with so they biggest risk is getting over excited and us all ending up in trouble. My mistress can’t cope when we all get a bit rowdy, but then to be fair, after a while I want to go and hide too. Perhaps we could hide together.