Tuesday 17th July 2007

Me and Wilma

She spends €50 on a solar mole repellent and for what? Firstly, there is no sun and secondly, there are moles. The little blighters have started digging up the swimming pool again. My master is now frantically, (no that’s not fair, he doesn’t do anything frantically), ok in a measured fashion, trying to work out the best place in the garden for the mole repellent so we are sure it gets the sun. I suggested sticking it in the top of one of the new holes, that should send them scurrying for cover. I suppose that is what happens when houses get built in former woodland. It is all right if you buy the land from the former residents, they expect to move out, but if you simply move in and don’t bother paying them, they are bound to be a little put out! Perhaps I should be on the side of the moles, the underdog in the episode, so to speak.

I have just had a very odd moment with Microsoft Word. It has just told me there are too many spelling and grammatical errors in the document to display them all. Who are they kidding, half the time they have no idea what word I am trying to spell, let alone what is wring with the grammar. If I want to write my own style of English it ought to be able to adapt to it and stop telling me I’m wrong. Where would the fun be in writing ‘standard’ questions all the time? They should build in an ‘informal English’ option so that they don’t complain every time I abbreviate a couple of words too. And don’t even get me started on how the Americans misspell so many English words. It really isn’t the same language at all, they should start being upfront about it.