Monday 2nd July 2007

Oh dear, my mistress wants me to write a column for her new ‘newsletter’ that she is sending to people who are interested in how her writing is progressing. I have absolutely no idea what I should put. Do you think they will be interested that I have nearly finished the first draft of Alfie’s Woods? I think it is going to need a fair amount of editing. I also need to write in a new story line as I think it would spice it up a bit to have Harry hedgehog, or Nicole squirrel caught by a bird or animal of prey and then have a ‘death defying’ escapade by the hero, who is me, to come to their rescue.

Today my mistress is catching a train from Winchester to Leicester. You have to worry about a train service that sells tickets from Winchester to Leicester for £22, but would have charged you £24 if you only wanted to go from Winchester to London. That may not sound so bad until you realise that to get to Leicester you go through London and that ticket even includes your Tube ticket. It makes it worth booking to go all the way to Leicester even if you don’t want to.  I wonder if her trains will run on time. One of the companies she is using changed its timetables a few years ago and showed all the trains as taking longer to give itself a better chance of fewer of them being late. It hasn’t worked out quite as well as they had hoped, they have lost the franchise to run that stretch of railway. I wonder what the next lot will do. They say they are going to make the trains quicker. I wonder if that means they will just have a larger number arriving late.