Friday 22nd June 2007

I couldn’t let my mistress have all the attention, so I have been feeling a bit off colour myself. I daren’t blame the lamb that my mistress gave me in case she says no more scraps for me. Scraps would be the wrong word really, I get some of the best bits. There were five little chops in the pack, two for my master, two for my mistress and one for me. Sadly, I returned mine all over the office floor! To give my mistress her due, she cleaned up after me without any fuss. My master simply turned looked at what I had done, said ‘oh dear’ and then carried on with what he was doing. To be fair, he was the one that stuck up for me at bed time and said ‘what you needed most when you had a very empty tummy at bed time, was a biscuit’. Up to that point, my mistress had said that as I wasn’t myself she had better not share her supper with me. My master never actually shares any of his meals with me, but it was enough to persuade my mistress to share hers. So I went to bed a happy dog. I wasn’t feeling quite right when I got up though and decided the best thing was to get into my master and mistress’s bed for a cuddle. It was a little bit before the alarm went off, so I had to be very careful where I jumped. I think I got away with it.

The only other major news is that there is a funny smell outside the back door. It is so bad that my mistress can’t leave the back door open for me to come in and out when I want. On the brighter side, she has opened the patio door so that I can go out on that side of the house, which has the added advantage of being able to ambush the postman when he least expects it.