Monday 18th June 2007

You wouldn’t believe how much clearing up there is to do after a murder, even a fictional murder without any blood. There’s the washing up and the tidying away and of course the taking back of the chairs you’ve borrowed because you didn’t have enough! It wasn’t the most exciting Sunday from a dog’s point of view. I would just have been happy for a day with no thunder. I’m really not a fan of big flashes and bangs. I tend to go and snuggle up to my mistress, but when all is said and done I don’t know which of us is worse. To be fair she doesn’t insist on sitting under the desk, but she won’t go near the windows and is always willing to have a cuddle. I really do find that cuddling up to someone else is by far the best thing to do when you are frightened.

In theory there are only three more weeks until my mistress’s new car arrives. I say in theory because we don’t know how long it will take to sort out its Belgian number plate and paperwork. I’m pleased to say that my little car will have been repaired, after its incident with the vegetable rack, before the new one arrives. Can you imagine how forlorn it would have felt to have a shiny new one turn up whilst it was sitting there with a broken bumper and broken light? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Cars have feelings too, or at least that’s what my mistress tells me and I’m sure she must know about these things. I do hope the old car will know that it will always be my favourite. For a dog there is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind blowing your ears back as you drive along, and that isn’t something you get with air-conditioning unless you get the settings wrong.