Tuesday 12th June 2007

There is at least one thing that dogs do a lot more attractively than humans and that is cool down. Think about it, you may laugh at us panting  and in your better moments rush and get us a bowl of cool water but do we end up all smelly as a result of it? Ok we may get bad breath but which is worse a dog with slightly bad breath or a human that wreaks of the stench of sweat? I know the weather has been hot but is it really any excuse? I think humans should try panting as a more attractive alternative. Come to think of it, I presume the term ‘sweating like a pig’ may come from the fact that pigs haven’t mastered panting either, so perhaps I should pass the word around. Oh, you were hoping I was going to tell you where that train of thought came from were you? I couldn’t possibly comment, my mistress would never give me another dog biscuit again!

When my mistress was recovering from her operation last week, I wasn’t allowed to be too near in case I jumped on her, which is fair enough, however I found her tucked up in bed with a ‘hand puppet dog’ to keep her company. What is the world coming to when I can be usurped by a hand puppet. It’s a Yorkshire terrier at that, is there no shame. Looking on the bright side it wasn’t following any of her commands and couldn’t lay its head on her leg the way I do and look at her adoringly, so I don’t suppose I shall be replaced just yet. It’s funny the lengths humans will go to for a little comfort I thought, as I snuggled up to my Winnie the Pooh cushion for a nap.