Friday 1st June 2007

My master has a ‘bug zapper’. It is a slightly scary device that looks like a tennis racquet and is covered by little metal strings. When you push the button the strings become electrified and you can use it to kill flies. At least that is what happens in theory. “This doesn’t work,” he complained. “A fly has just walked across it and not even burnt its feet.” My mistress thinks that my master is probably one of the cleverest people she knows, which at times like this is quite alarming. On closer investigation by my mistress it turned out he had put the batteries in the wrong way round. Once she had sorted it out, it seemed to work just fine. We are now staying well out of his way as he seems a little dangerous with it, he has become a crazed fly swatting madman!

Whilst we were in England I became aware that they are going to have a new Prime Minister. It all seems a bit odd really. The one that was Prime Minister seems to have said ‘I don’t want to play anymore. I’m going home,’ and another one has said ‘Ok I’ll do it then.’ So much for being elected by the people. I would have thought if you take on a responsibility like that for a term of five years, you should keep doing it for the period you have been elected for and then step down. It wouldn’t be so bad if he had been running the country as more of a ‘team effort’ but to appearances he has been the one making the decisions, with the pretence of democracy. Maybe I should be happy he has given up. I wonder if the new one will be more open to thinking about ‘dog’s rights’? Perhaps I should send him a letter in my capacity of leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party.