Tuesday 22nd May 2007

I think the pheasants should be declared the winners. If the shooting earlier in the year was at the pheasants, I can only think they missed. There seem to be more pheasants around in the woods than I have seen before. There are some little ones too that are a bit slower to take off when I approach. They still get off the ground long before I get to them and I don’t actually know what I would do if I got to them before they did. My mistress keeps saying if I get a duck then I am to bring it home but in my observation the ducks are far too quick for me to ever actually catch one. Pheasants can really be very noisy when they squawk. With them and the peacocks that someone has got near here my barking is positively quiet, or so I like to try and argue.

Not for the first time, my mistress is a little confused. There seem to be billboards going up all over the place again with posters for the political parties. She presumes there must be another election of some sort coming up but doesn’t know whether it is one she is supposed to vote in or one that is just for Belgian citizens. She gets worried about things like that, and is particularly concerned about what she is supposed to do if she is away at the time of the election. Perhaps my master’s choice of not registering to vote wasn’t so ridiculous after all. It is funny living in a country where you have only ever got half an idea of what is going on. My master would argue that that is no different to when they were living in England but my mistress seems to have this need to understand things.