Monday 21st May 2007

After finding so many places closed on Saturday we didn’t end up going out for the day yesterday. We had a lazy day. By the time my mistress woke up and turned her head over she found my big brown eyes looking back at her. I had deftly jumped onto the bed and was lying in my favourite position, in the middle between the two of them, with my head on the pillow just watching her sleep. When she turned her head to the side her nose was almost touching mine. We went for a lovely long walk through the woods and then tried to get one or two of the odd jobs done. I opted out of trying to glue the handle back on the mug that she had dropped and for that matter putting chemicals down the plug-hole to dissolve all the hair she had shed there! Just for reference my mistress seems to shed more hair than I do! I directed operations for the change of the light bulb in the outside light I need to see where I am going to pee at night. I suppose for completeness I should also admit to having been of little use when it came to repairing the basket ball hoop from when it fell down in the wind and ended up at an odd, rather unsafe angle. I do like lazy Sundays. It was a bit frustrating that my mistress made me sit down to write 2000 words of my woodland stories. I tried to argue that I should get a day off on a Sunday but she wouldn’t listen. She has set me a deadline to get them finished and I have to say she really is being a very hard task master. You would think that the fact that I had already written over 13,000 words since Tuesday should have been enough for her.