Wednesday 23rd May 2007

Shadow and Alfie

The frogs are at it again. Well they may be toads, I’m not sure from their mating call that I would know the difference. I thought, first of all, when I went outside that it was ducks, but they don’t usually decide to have a good quack at that time of night. Then I suddenly remembered last year, and how if you leave the window open you can hear them going all night. One poor little chap was still going strong this morning, I presume he was the one that none of the girls had picked. I suppose he’ll be back again tonight, ever optimistic. It made me wonder whether dogs have a mating call. Would we bark, howl or try the human approach and sing a drunken ballad. Just a thought.

My mistress has got a lot of work to do at the moment so isn’t being as much fun as usual. She says I am supposed to be helping but I get bored more quickly than she does. I have explained that at times like that, it is my job to shake things up a bit and give her some light relief. There are times I go outside and leave her on her own but she misses me if I go for too long. For reasons best known to herself, my mistress has started feeding ‘Honey Balls’ to the birds. Apparently, the packet is out of date, which may explain why the birds only eat them when everything else on the bird table has gone. The children refuse to eat anything that the packet is out of date by even a day. Most food stuff lasts far longer than that. I caught my mistress moving something to another packet the other day because she didn’t want to waste it and the other packet had a later date! I may just be a bit more careful over the food she gives me in future!