Saturday 28th April 2007

It was so good to see the children again last night and have them all wanting to give me a cuddle and take me for a walk. Of course, the novelty soon wears off when they start arguing about exactly whose dog I am. “Hello, don’t I get a bit of a say in this one?” I was very disappointed to find that Helen is letting the side down and has gone and got herself a part time job. It really does start to put more pressure on me to decide what I can do to earn my own money. I had been rather relying on pointing to all of them and saying “Well they don’t do anything” but I have rather lost that battle. I suppose my best bet is to argue I haven’t seen any suitable openings advertised that encourage dogs to apply.

I spent yesterday afternoon reading a really good book of ‘Great speeches of our times.’ It’s more great speeches of your times as I am only 17 months old and most of them were made long before I was born. I haven’t found any that are about the wonders of playing frisby or tug, but there is some pretty good stuff on freedom and prejudice. I did have a nap in the middle of reading and by the time I woke up some of them had blended into each other. There I was ready to be a great orator dog and was just practising “…blood, toil, tears and sweat and the greatest of these is sweat.” When on further checking it turns out I had combined two speeches and in fact the greatest of these is ‘love’ rather than ‘sweat’ and I was confusing my Churchill with my Bible. I think on balance I preferred my version.