Saturday 31st March 2007

Some people just set out to spoil all my fun. There was only one thing I was looking forward to this week and that was tonight’s murder mystery. So what happens? Not as you might think someone being murdered, although I thought about it. My master put his foot down, not something he gets chance to do very often, and made my mistress cancel it because she was ill. She had planned to carry on regardless until she found herself totally bed bound and not able to do anything. From my point of view the bed thing was quite good as I got to play the role of ‘inaction’ dog on a permanent basis, snuggled up next to her. But to cut a long story short there was no way she was going to be able to prepare the food or go shopping for that matter so he told her that we would have to delay it. What about me? I could have gone to the supermarket. I suppose I would have had to go in disguise as a human as they don’t allow dogs in but other than that it would have worked. My master refused to give me the number for the bankcard so that was ruled out as I couldn’t have paid. For reasons known only to himself he was alarmed that if I knew the number there would be no stopping me. So my mistress isn’t busy giving my master a fake tan and I am not proudly wearing my security t shirt. I am instead twiddling the thumbs I haven’t got and to add insult to injury my master is taking me to the vet for my rabies jab. This week certainly hasn’t turned out quite as I had planned.