Sunday 1st April 2007

I have had it pointed out to me, in none too subtle tones that I should have been expressing more concern about my mistress yesterday. I suppose I hadn’t realised the full extent of the problem until she showed me the ‘pictures’ she had had taken at the hospital on Friday. They are lots of funny little shapes that are apparently her brain. I suggested she could sign and frame it and put it up on the kitchen wall with the other signed pictures but she has to take it back to the hospital when she goes next week. She then explained that her brain was ‘normal’ at which point I said “they really couldn’t have been looking at the right thing then” and was promptly told off for inappropriate humour. It turns out its her ears that aren’t normal and that her falling over and not being very well balanced is not just because she is clumsy as I thought but is actually a real problem. They have given her some tablets and she has to go back to see someone else for some more tests. So, the bad news is as she is starting to feel much better there is no more lounging about in bed, which I have to say I am very sad about. It is also likely to mean far less opportunity for laughing at her for the latest injury incurred when walking into things or in the case of the other week, falling over in the tax office. Sometimes I think she sets out to spoil all my fun, but then in my role as caring, faithful, loving puppy, I am very glad she is ok and I would be completely at a loss without her. Please, don’t let her know I said that last bit, she might take advantage of my true feelings.