Thursday 29th March 2007

My mistress needs some sunglasses. The funny thing is that without her glasses on she can’t see what she looks like in them. So there she is at the optician with her nose presses up against the mirror to see if she likes them. My opinion clearly doesn’t count in this department as I was left at home. I have however had my ‘two-penneth’ when she came back and said she is having some ‘Burberry’ ones. “Isn’t it going to be a bit off-putting to look at everything through a check print?” I asked her. She claims the lenses won’t have a check print on them and neither for that matter do the frames, but if she can’t see them very well how does she know that? I was a little concerned by this new-found liking for Burberry. I am anxious in case she turns up with one of those little check doggie coats. I’m sorry I draw the line at that. Actually, I draw the line a long way short of that. Fashionable or not I am not going to be seen out in something as refined as a Burberry doggy coat. It’s just not me. In fairness, I can’t imaging my mistress wanting to be seen with me wearing one of those either as when it comes down to it, she isn’t that refined either!

I spent yesterday running the length of the garden every 5 minutes. I can get up to speed from a standing start remarkably quickly. The problem is that my braking system is not quite as effective and I can’t stop as quickly as I start. I still haven’t totally mastered my exact braking distance and on more than one occasion I was left with swerving at the last minute or running into the hedge.