Friday 23rd February 2007

Well, yesterday I got to play with my granddad whilst my mistress went to have her hair cut. How many people do you know that have their hair cut in a different country to the one they live in? It does seem a little bizarre but then I suppose I ought to expect that with her by now. She did ask if I wanted to go with her but I was worried they might start on my hair and I rather like it the way it is, so I declined. Quite apart from that I like playing with my granddad, he spoils me.

Now I have been looking into why so many of you are reading June 1st from last year. I have narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either you are looking for information on the ‘Woodland Council’ and found my little yarns about our woods or you think that when I wrote about Harry Hedgehog’s ‘dealer’ in Antwerp there is some sort of drugs connection. Either way it must be very disappointing to find it is only a dog writing about his escapades and he has never tried any drugs either legal or illegal, unless you include the ones the vet gives me. I know I don’t live far from the Dutch border but I wouldn’t know the first thing about the drugs community here or anywhere else. I wonder if there is an investigator somewhere reading my diary trying to work out if any of it is code for where you can find drugs? Maybe they think this is the key to busting some drugs ring centred on Antwerp. Well if that’s the case and you are the investigator, I’m really sorry but I am still only a pet dog with no aspirations to be anything much else. I did go through a phase as a puppy of wondering if I could have a career with customs finding the drugs but the whole working idea seemed a bit much really.