Thursday 22nd February 2007

You have to hope it is only because spring is in the air and that my mistress has not finally lost the plot altogether. There we were in the car when she went round a corner a little quickly for my liking and instead of apologising simply leaned in my direction and went ‘vroom vroom’. I let it go the first time but when she did it again I started to get a little more concerned. She said she was just enjoying herself but personally I have my doubts. Maybe the stress is all getting a little bit too much.

Then later on as I sat outside the hospital whilst she went in, I noticed there was a bit of the building that said Maternity Unit. It was quite big, so I asked my mistress about it when she came out. Mackensey only went to the vet to have her puppies because they had to cut her open for it, otherwise she was going to have them at home. As far as I understand it dogs normally have their puppies at home and for that matter I think that is what happens to cats for their kittens. Unbelievably it seems humans go to somewhere other than their own homes. Places where the walls are all painted the same colour and they haven’t got their home comforts around them. Worst of all they have to go to somewhere they can’t take their pet dog. It’s scandalous. Why don’t humans object? Everyone should have their pet dog with them at such important times. I wonder if they allow any visiting times when the dog can go in and give them a bit of a lick and welcome the new baby. It is really very important for a dog to get to size up the competition for their owners’ attentions.