Saturday 24th February 2007

My diary has all got a bit confused. Not many dogs can say that. Most of my canine friends find their main choices are whether to play outside or sit by the fire. I thought I was going to Middlesbrough for the weekend to see the children. I thought my mistress was going to Middlesbrough for the weekend and that she wanted to be with me. I thought wrong. As a result of the week’s events and, sadly, the death of her aunt, my mistress has gone back to London and left my with my grandparents. I could have helped. I could have pushed my nose into awkward corners to see if there were any things hiding anywhere. However, my mistress said she didn’t want me to have to sleep in the garage at night and sit in the car in the day. So we are of one mind in that then! I wasn’t planning that as the set up but she said I would have had no choice. So I have been left in charge of her parents for the weekend and she has driven off into the sunset without me. I don’t suppose she realises I miss my master as much as she does. By the time we get back to Belgium he will have gone to Germany so I guess I will just have to save a very big bounce for him when I do see him. In the meantime I can run round the garden here to my heart’s content but I must remember to avoid the greenhouse. My mistress’s last dog failed on that score and I am trying to prove I’m not that stupid but every so often a dog just has to run. I suppose not having another dog here to chase will make it easier for me, but I can always pretend I am chasing something.