Monday 5th February 2007

So there I was watching to see what birds came into our garden and the more I watched the more they weren’t there. In the end I just got fed up and went to find something else to do. As soon as I put the pen down a nuthatch and a pigeon appeared but they were too late as far as I was concerned. They had their chance and they blew it. I went outside later on and ate the spare bird food that had been left behind, as you do!

I wonder if my sister will have changed much since I saw her last? Wouldn’t it be awful if I didn’t recognise her and mum. I suppose it would be even worse if they didn’t recognise me. It was really funny with the little boy that stayed last weekend, he had a cuddly toy called Woof-woof that looked just like me. Well it was rather smaller and it didn’t have any white bits on its paws but in all other important respects we were pretty much the same. It was a while before I realised it was a stuffed toy, I thought I ought to go and take care of it or at least play with it. It was all very strange really. What I had no inclination to do was get it in my mouth and run off with it, somehow that would have seemed all wrong but I don’t really understand why. The little boy left some Thomas the Tank Engine pyjama bottoms behind but sadly they don’t fit me, they are too short in the leg. I thought of pretending they were shorts, but they come to that annoying point on your leg which is neither one thing nor the other, so I guess I’ll post them to him when my mistress can face a visit to the Post Office.