Tuesday 6th February 2007

“I have embraced my inner geek”. Now there is an expression that suits my mistress! To be fair it wasn’t originally used by her or even about her but when she told me I thought it fitted her to a T. She did retaliate by saying the same could be said for a dog who writes his own blog on the computer and it was hard to argue with that one. I have been wondering whether there are dogs in other parts of the world who are writing their internet diaries too. Maybe I could find a penpal in China or America to compare notes with. It can be a very lonely life when so many people doubt that you are capable of doing things like this and assume that you get rather more help from your human companions. This came up at the weekend when my mistress’s friend said that dogs didn’t understand words they just associate certain things with certain words. Now I hate to be picky but what is language if it isn’t humans associating certain things with certain sounds. A French person associates the direction left with a different sound than a Russian person, so if it is ok to say a human can understand words because of their sound why do people say that dogs don’t understand? OK sure I can’t string a whole sentence together that you will recognise but if you learnt to woof you would soon realise I am not limited to the odd word or two. It is time for humans to sit up and take notice of the under dog if you’ll pardon the pun. Dogs of the world unite, this is what the Pet Dogs Democratic Party is here to fight for. Maybe Adult education colleges should be running more courses in dog language courses to teach humans to converse with us more effectively. Dr Dolittle wasn’t strange. He was the normal one, it’s the rest of you that are odd.