Wednesday 24th January 2007

Well I’m off home again this morning. At least I won’t be called on to help if McKenzie goes into labour. I really wouldn’t have been much use. I am also hoping I won’t be called on to help with the problem of the basketball hoop, it was one of the things that suffered in last week’s bad weather. One minute it was there and the next minute it was somewhere else. Given that it is a rather big basketball hoop it was rather fortunate that in being somewhere else it did it safely. The worst of it is that it seems to be a bit of a different shape than it used to be. Its base doesn’t seem to be flat and the hoop has swivelled round to the side, quite apart from the pole not being straight anymore. My mistress seems a bit concerned that it might not be safe but I said if she could leave it that way and practice like that she would always be at an advantage against any opposition because they really wouldn’t be expecting such an odd arrangement. She pointed out that the only likely opposition was Matilda’s family next door and they would be well aware of the state it was in, mainly because it would be most likely to fall over onto their car in the meantime.

I guess the main job I have when I get home is to come up with a paw print for some T shirts. There I was wondering what I was going to do for a career and I never thought it could be as difficult as producing a paw print for a T shirt. It would have been so much easier being a secret agent and I would have liked to have some gadgets like the ones James Bond used to have. Sadly, they even seem to have taken his toys away in the recent film so maybe that isn’t so much fun after all.