Tuesday 9th January 2007

I have been having a naughty day. You have to every once in a while. It felt like spring was in the air, even though it was only January and after being ill I was feeling full of bounce. I bounced all through the mud in the garden and refused to come in when called and then bounced all round the house. My poor mistress was trying to work hard and catch up after the Christmas break but I had other ideas. It was just a glorious day for bouncing. I tried suggesting to my mistress she should try bouncing just a little bit but she didn’t seem keen. I was also a bit naughty when we went for a walk. I slipped my head out of my Halti and barked rather a lot at the Bassett Hound. I wanted to play but I was so boisterous that my mistress made me walk in the other direction, which rather defeated the object of the exercise. The other thought I had turned out to be flawed logic as well. I reasoned that if I was bad enough I wouldn’t have to go with my mistress to get the cars road test completed. Think on! Despite my protestations that I would be in the way my mistress is working on the basis that I can be cute and if they are paying attention to the dog they might overlook the foibles of an 8 year old car that has started to cough almost as much as my mistress. So now I have to ‘act cute’ on instruction. I suppose the fact that we had the whole security team at Eurotunnel round the car the other day may have something to do with it. On that occasion my mistress was mortified. She said it made it look like there was a problem and it needed the whole team to deal with it. In fact what happened was the first person thought I was cute and then called all her colleagues to meet me. So it made my mistress look like a criminal to an outside observer but I just love the adulation.