Monday 8th January 2007

How should I know which particular item I found in the garden made me sick on the lounge rug? I’d read on my master’s ‘Worst Case Scenario Calendar’ that if I am stranded somewhere I should never eat white berries so it definitely wasn’t any of those. It might have been the foul tasting stuff I found under the bush but it might not have been. All I know is that I did not deserve to be shouted at by my master. As always my mistress stuck up for me, even though she was left with the task of cleaning up. I was a bit subdued for a while and it was a few hours before I felt compelled to go back into the garden to see if I could find out what had caused it. I got to snuggle up on the bed with my mistress so it was definitely worth it.

I don’t know how you are doing with my chain letter email yet as I haven’t had any coming back to me. I have had requests for t shirts so I will see if I can get those sorted out. With being ill I haven’t really got any further with my overall strategy and detailed campaign yet. I was thinking it was the sort of thing I could do whilst stretched out in front of the fire but there has been a bit of a technical hitch on the fire front. The smoke and ash seems to be coming into the lounge rather than going up the chimney so I can’t have any more until it is fixed. I blame the birds for trying to nest somewhere warm but I may be doing them an injustice. They can’t be doing that badly out there, the birds that is, as they refused to eat the stale breakfast cereal my mistress put out for them. She is going to try out of date dry roast peanuts next.