Sunday 7th January 2007

So once again my mistress finds an excuse for staying scruffy. She says she had made her mind up to go and buy some new clothes. It is just so easy to say these things. I know how much she hates shopping. She says she tried going to the shopping centre yesterday, and to be fair, my master was with her and he does actually like shopping. Their story is that the sales in Belgium had started yesterday and the queues of cars trying to get into the shopping centre were so bad that they gave up and came home. It’s funny here they can only have sales on certain dates, it is to try and make sure they are genuine. This is as opposed to England where there are sales all the time and then at sale time there are still queues! I really don’t get humans at all.

When we were in England at a petrol station, I as usual was sitting in the car due to the severe prejudice in England against dogs. My mistress told me that when she went inside a lady had tried to carry her spaniel in with her. Now, disregarding the fact that spaniel’s are largely irrelevant to the world of dogs and unless they are trained as gun dogs they are pitiable creatures that simply make everyone go ‘aarrh’. Please don’t mistake these feelings for jealousy, I have enough admirers of my own. Anyway back to the story of the spaniel being carried in. The assistant said “You can’t bring dogs in here it isn’t hygienic, there’s food.” At the time my mistress was coughing and sneezing over everything in sight and was allowed in but the spaniel that was being carried and could touch nothing was told to leave. Something tells me there is something missing in the logic.

might not fit in. For a start I don’t’ swear enough but in comparison to most of them, I am cute.