Saturday 6th January 2007

How can the 6 th day of the month be 12 th night? I suppose it is just another reason to mark humans down as being odd. I am thankfully now back in Belgium and to be quite honest will happily not go near the car again for quite some time. Although once I am famous I may have to have my own limousine to take me round.

I have been very sad worrying about a fellow Entlebucher that got lost in Belgium on New Year’s morning because she was scared of the fireworks and ran off. I just can’t help thinking what if it had been me. What would I have done? I did suggest we could go out looking for her but my mistress said we wouldn’t know where to look. Besides which my mistress seems to think that now all the travelling is finished she needs a bit of a rest. I suppose she has been poorly for over a week so it may be a good idea.

I am going to have t-shirts printed for my master and mistress saying something like “Owners of the amazing Alfie Dog.” Then all I will have to do is make them wear them. If they know it is with the objective of making me famous I am sure they won’t mind. Perhaps I should have a whole load printed saying just “The amazing Alfie Dog” and the web address and give them away free to anyone who will take one. The only other option for becoming famous when you don’t have any particularly notable skills seems to be to go on the ‘Big Brother’ television programme and quite honestly I think I might not fit in. For a start I don’t’ swear enough but in comparison to most of them, I am cute.